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About Me


Personal Approach

Emre Durmaz focuses on managing start to finish projects, producing photography and video content on multiple areas for brands in fashion, manufacturing, hotels, events, restaurants, celebrities and to advertising agencies.

Experienced Fields

Experience made it perfect within 10 years.

Celebrity Experience

Emre Durmaz has worked with many local and global celebrities, capturing stunning photographs that showcase their unique personalities and style. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing the perfect shot, I have developed a reputation for delivering exceptional results that exceed his clients’ expectations

Advertisement Video Direction

With a given good brief, team effort; we focus on communicating your brand to the positioned clients!


Thanks to being a foodie person, as well as I see food as a form of art.

Night Life Events

“Due to my extensive experience in photographing weddings, I have developed a high level of proficiency and expertise in this particular field.”


Have an experience with biggest firms & celebrities in Istanbul on sets. Creating story & attention driven videos for the brands brief specificly!

Social Media Friendly

Creating visual content for social media is what i am strong at. Let’s create your visual story together!

Wedding Experience

Over an 100 Weddings experience in in the past thanks to the experience i am more reliable on planned events with a guerilla twist for the diffuculties on that day!

Travel & Tourism

Thanks to this job, travelling and documenting hobby became a part time job creating what is it really to experience on the go!
Thanks to this experience i am a content creator at many projects for travel occusasions

Personal Background

how did I get this point!

Academic Background

Bilkent University FINE ARTS / Graphic Design.
St. Joost School of Art & Design Breda- NL (Term)
Middle East Technical University / Physics (Drop-out)

Presenter of Vegan Gurus

This is a personal blog site i am working on to make Vegan Food more encouraging

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