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Sommer Klein Beach can be described as a fusion of modern design elements and traditional Turkish culture. The club’s design features clean lines, modern furnishings, and natural materials such as wood, stone, and rattan. These design elements work together to create a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere that complements the beach’s natural beauty.

The concept designer may also appreciate the attention to detail and the focus on creating a unique guest experience. The beach club offers a range of amenities, such as a restaurant, a bar, party area with a amazing DJ cabin, that are designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation and dance for guests.

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Klein, which was born in Istanbul and shapes the city’s electronic music scene, opened Sommer Klein in Alaçatı in 2019 with Black Coffee. With its renewed design, Sommer Klein greeted the summer of 2021 with a brand new concept and prepared for the summer of 2022 with new surprises. Open seven days a week and the only daytime location of the Klein group, Sommer Klein is located in Çeşme Alaçatı.

In the past years, world-famous performers have performed at the venue, and as of 2021, the Beach-Restaurant section also started serving. In its design approach as a lifestyle complex, original architecture accompanies the entertainment of the day. At Sommer Klein, you can participate in various activities such as water sports, yoga, pilates, massage, and foot tennis to have a full day.

Sommer Klein, which is the address of those who want to focus on good and quality music, also has a very enjoyable event calendar this summer. In the restaurant section that came to life with Sommer Klein’s new concept, Executive Chef Burak Baş coordinates a menu dominated by Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine.

Sommer Klein, where strong names are invited to beach parties and international artists are guests, goes beyond the usual beach style with its capacity of 3,500 people. It aims to provide its guests with enjoyable moments with its special shows.

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